Monday, 12 September 2011

Working 9-5 in Toronto

I have a new appreciation for moms who have to work 9-5.  I am in my third week of work and have been working 8am to 4pm and have felt the change back to work has gone relatively seamless.  I have a nice breakfast with my husband and Belle.  Then Belle and I walk the dog and then I walk her to daycare.  Our daycare provider is about a five minute walk from my house.  My husband waits at home a few minutes, cleans our breakfast dishes and drives to pick me up (he just pulls over to the side of the road and I hop in).  We then head off to work together and I am in the office by 8am.  (I usually put my make-up on at work, I just can't get everything done by 6am).  I leave work by 4:00 pm via the subway and pick-up Belle by 4:30pm.  Belle and I get home on foot, take the dog out for about 20 minutes and I start dinner by 5:00pm.  We all settle into our meal when my husband gets home by 6:30pm.  Then we have a few lovely hours of play time until bed at 8:30.  It works really well. 

I had one day last week where I had to do the driving to work.  I still left by 4:00 pm but the drive was hell.  I didn't get home until closer to 6:00 pm with Belle and it was awful.  I was cranky, exhausted and hungry.  I thought to myself, this is everyday, Monday through Friday for some families and it's flipping nasty.  To top it off it was also my birthday and all I wanted was to be by myself, so instead I opted to cook my own dinner while my husband played with Belle.  I have never been more thankful to my work and my colleagues as I was that night.  Having the kind of job that gives me a little swing time is great.  I know there will be days when I'll have to work until 5pm or later but at least I am prepared for the manic time chase.  It will still suck though!

Oh, and in case anyone is keeping track I have not made it to the gym once yet.  That's this week's challenge that I have made to myself now that Belle is happy and settled into care.  Let's see how this goes.

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