Saturday, 24 December 2011

Sleep: WTF

I have been blessed with an amazing sleeper.  She goes down at 8:30pm and gets up at the 6:00am the next morning.  My rock star has been doing this for ages.  I know, so what am I going to complain about right?  WTF happens when you become a mother to your former sleep patterns?  Even though my angel sleeps I still get up at 5am regardless of when I go to sleep.  It ruins me, I can't play with my friends anymore. My husband and I get very little time together because I fall asleep on his chest the minute my girl get puts down.  Oh, and forget having a glass of wine in the evening.  The minute I do that, although I am tired, I can't fall asleep so then it's even worse.  I am zombie.  It's like my body doesn't know what to do with more than 6 hours of sleep and I used to be the kind of girl where 7 hours I could function but 8 hours was ideal and I was feeling at my best at the time.  I want to be a good sleeper again and I am not sure what to do about it.  This really sucks right now.  And no I am not stressed, I don't have a thing to worry about.  The only thing I can think of is I am not working out anymore.  Which also sucks, but I am not coping well with working, daycare and mommy time.  It's the one thing I can't fit back into my life.  I know, if I am up at 5 am why don't I just go for a run?  Because I hate running.  I really find it pointless and I don't want to be in the cold.  The only thing I hate more than running is winter.  I am starting to think I have no choice though.  It's the one thing that I can fit in anywhere, anytime so it's been weighing on me to kick my ass into gear.  WTF, let's give it a shot and see if I can start sleeping better.

If anyone has any advice or words of support I'd love to hear it.  Also, if you want to join me for an early morning run it might get the motivation going.

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