Sunday, 27 November 2011

Mommy Rant time: No More Stuff

I know it's been a little while but I am finally ready to write about something.  I spent yesterday helping out at Project Warmth,  Project Warmth is a grassroots Toronto based organization that collects donations of gently used baby and children clothing for teen moms.  The items are sorted and then re-gifted as lovely packages.  My job this year was to sort clothing for little girls ages 0-6 months.  It is a really fulfilling thing for me to do because I am big proponent of buying used in general.  Let's face it my little Belle grows out of clothes in no time so I never see the point of buying her anything new.  She wears the same stuff to daycare every day; jeans, t-shirt and a sweater.  Keeps her warm and while she is getting the walking thing down the jeans protect her little knees.  She's also pretty tidy for the most part so I don't change her outfits during the day all that often.  Back to yesterday at Project Warmth.

The amount of stuff we got as a donation for the little ones was a little thinner this year than in years past.  I think it feels that way because the same people donate and their kids are getting bigger so there wasn't much stuff for the tiny ones.  I actually only donated some books because I am not sure if I am done having children but I could really kick myself though.  I have a ridiculous amount of stuff for my little girl and most of it has been gifted to her.  Although I appreciate the generosity I can't get over how much I have versus how much I need.  A friend posted a link on facebook that's an oldie but so appropriate for this time of year.  It's the Story of Stuff,  Really we need nothing for Christmas this year and neither does my daughter.  If you feel the need, shop thrift for a treasure.  A vintage piece of jewelry, used books and a home cooked meal would be heavenly.  Give me a lasagna for my freezer so I don't have to cook one night and I'd be a happy lady.  Not only that, a few weeks ago I found a book for Belle at Value Village that was my brother's favourite as a child.  It's long been out of print and I was so excited to find it that I don't think anything new could have given me that kind of thrill.

Don't stress and don't care so much about shopping folks.  It really means so little at the end of it all.

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